Senior care costs calculator


Frequently Asked Questions

(Or Just Good Questions)

Question #1:  After I login and start to fill in information, if I go back to the Home page, or About US page, I have to login again to access my information.  Why can't I be logged in all the time?

Answer #1:  I know.  It's a big pain, especially if you are going to the Contact page to ask me question about an Information or Summary page.  My web constructor is aware of the issue, but it will take more funds to get that issue resolved.  This site is brand new, so I have not received any advertising dollars ... yet.  My apologies.  It's on my To Do list. 

Question #2:  I entered information on the Net Income page and left the computer.  When I came back, I had lost my login.  When I logged in again, the data was not saved.  Why did this happen?

Answer #2:  There is a time limit for being logged in.  We can't keep the page open indefinitely.  Sorry about that.  If you need to take a break, end your session, or leave the Information page you are working on FOR ANY REASON, first go to the bottom of the page and click the NEXT button.  This will save any data you have entered on the Summary sheet.

Question #3:  Is there a shorter way to do this?  It seems long and complicated.

Answer #3:  I wish there was.  Unfortunately, the more accurate you want to be, the more information you need to enter.  Take your time.  That's why we save your data.  As you viisit and receive more information on several facilities, I think you will see the need for this approach.  If you use this calculator to the fullest, I have no doubt you will understand the financial situation much better than when you started.  This is our goal.

Question #4:  Why isn't this site on a secure network, https instead of http? 

Answer #4:  I was asked this question for the first time this past week.  My answer was that a secure network is used mainly for transactions that occur, or have the potential to occur, such as credit cards, bank accounts, stock trading accounts, etc.  It is also used for protection of identity.   We don't have transactions here and the issue of identity is limited to email addresses and I.P. addresses, which is the same wherever you go on the net.  As all information is entered anonymously, there are no social security numbers, account numbers, property addresses, etc.  If someone were to access your account, the most they would glean is the amounts you have in general categories, such as checking and savings accounts and benefit income amounts, such as Social Security, Veterans, pensions, etc.   They would not know what bank has your accounts, the account numbers, etc.  It would seem a waste for a hacker to spend time here.  However, if I continue to hear of trepidation I will consider going to an https server.  And while there is concern that the Internet is coming under more attack, it just seems like a problem that doesn't concern us.  I have checked with my website designer and contractor and host.  They have said we do not need it.  But, as I said, if this continues to be a concern I will address it.  Please let me know.

UPDATE:  After speaking with a few members (individuals who are using the site), I decided to go to a secure server (https).  However, data MUST still be entered anonymously to have the maximum protection.  I want to thank everyone who discussed this with me.  Anything we can do to make the site more user friendly is a high priority.  Please know that I'm open to any and all suggestions.

Question #5:  The printout of the Summary for Long Term View has the wrong totals.

Answer #5:  Thanks for the heads-up.  Sorry about that!  In a recent alteration of the Calculator we forgot to check the Summary sheets.  We are working on repairs and I will let you know when they are complete.  It should be shortly.  The Summary page totals for the Long Term View, as well as the other pages of the Calculator, are correct in the online view.  The only printed summary sheet that is incorrect is the Long Term View Summary. 

UPDATE:  It's fixed!!!  All Print Summary Sheets are accurate. 

Question #6:  Where do I put my earnings from my job?

Answer #6:  In Net Income Questions, under the first category Fixed Income, there are four Other line items you can use.  Actually, you can change the title from 'Other 1' to 'Job 1' and then enter your monthly take home pay.  Sorry about not having a 'Job' line item, the site is geared towards non-employed retirees.  But, we can always adapt.